Although winters in North Carolina aren’t as intense as other states, it’s still important that your vehicle is prepared for the cold season. Taking the right steps to prepare your car can help you keep driving safely and comfortably, even in the winter weather. An auto repair professional can identify specific issues and give you a more thorough overview of what your vehicle needs.

Use a Winter-Grade Oil

The colder the weather, the thicker your engine oil becomes. Using a thinner oil when the temperatures get colder helps keep your engine running.

Examine Your Tires

Snow, ice, and water all present serious challenges to the winter driver. Making sure your tires are in proper condition is essential to being able to drive safely and maintain control of your car on slippery roads. Check tire pressure using a gauge and fill up on air if needed. You should also examine the tread to make sure it is not worn out.

Stock Up on Winter Supplies

Emergencies can happen even when you take all the right precautions. Having a box of supplies in your car can help you stay safe and get help as soon as possible:

  • Blankets

  • Road flares

  • Charged phone

  • First-aid kit

  • Gloves

  • Ice scraper

  • Sand

  • Shelf-stable snacks

  • Flashlight

Keeping a sturdy container with these essentials in your vehicle can be the key to weathering a tough situation on the road.

Switch to Winter Wiper Fluid

Like oil and other fluids, windshield wiper fluid is affected by the cold. Regular fluid can freeze on the windshield when the temperatures are low enough. Specially formulated winter fluid avoids this problem and helps remove snow and ice from the windshield.

Check Antifreeze and Engine Coolant

Both antifreeze and coolant are vital to keeping your engine running. Letting levels get low can lead to serious malfunctions. Check your levels and fill up as needed.

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